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What is this platform Axioma?

The idea of creating the Axioma platform arose as a result of combining a group of mathematicians and cryptocurrency traders, who together created a unique system of applying geometric axioms in analyzing fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market.

Axiomatics is the science of unbreakable principles that are taken for this and do not require proof. Such principles exist in physics, geometry, chemistry, and most other sciences, and are applied in the same way to economics.

A simple example - the fall of one cryptocurrency causes growth relative to it from the other, and in parallel with this simplifies the speed of its mining. Using the principles of axiomatics allowed us to create unique algorithms that provide a stable profit in trading and the distribution of mining capacity without any risks.

The platform has been tested for several years and has not demonstrated a single error on all exchanges - including not only cryptocurrencies, but also securities, including when applied to charts and trading history over a fifty-year period.

Accordingly, when attracting investors' funds, Axioma gives them real guarantees of profit and allows you to increase the momentum for the further development of the trading network, mining and research on optimizing economic instruments

The history of Axioma

  • Creating a community of qualified investors to take money in trust
    22 of May 2007
  • Choice of investment niches: real estate, securities, currency, gold, government bonds, stock options
    June 2007
  • Selection of a promising direction for investment in blockchain and cryptocurrency technology
    November 2010
  • Start trading on the Mt.Gox cryptocurrency exchange
    May 2011
  • New startup: mining cryptocurrency
    July 2011
  • New startup: mining cryptocurrency
    1 quarter 2014
  • Development of investment in new technologies: the resumption of work in cryptocurrency markets
    July 2016
  • Organization of a technical department for writing algorithmic trading programs
    September 2017
  • Opening the platform and attracting private investment
    October 2018
To be continued

Why Axioma?

Four reasons to invest

Unique Algorithms

The platform is based on the principle axiomatic trading algorithms, which have no analogues and inherently can not fail

Wide range of activities

The Axioma project uses various investment strategies in several areas of trading, and also finances mining platforms at their expense.


In addition to passive income, Axioma offers to tell other people about the project - and get a reward for it.


In addition to the fact that the algorithm itself does not fail, Axioma also offers a number of additional benefits that exclude damage to investments.

Axioma Algorithm -
mistakes are not allowed

Automated application of the Axioma algorithm eliminates the impact of the human factor.

The servers supporting the project are duplicated, the mining capacities have autonomous sources of electricity supply and additional communication channels, which eliminates the risk of loss of income due to unforeseen circumstances.

Clients' funds when investing are automatically insured against risks in several insurance organizations

Become a member of the Axioma platform today and get irrefutable evidence of income levels next day.

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We know what investors are looking for.

The risks of most investors

  • High interest only in risky projects

  • Trust does not guarantee

  • Income stability cannot be predicted.

We know what investors are looking for.

Axiomatic solutions from Axioma

  • No risk due to the essence of the algorithm

  • The funds are managed by the program, not by people.

  • Income is always as expected.

Activity brings more income -
and this is Axioma

Axioma platform is always happy to welcome investors to increase trading volumes. And for attracting new partners, you will receive a reward, calculated taking into account all the advantages of the algorithm of axiomatic calculations

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